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Batsu No Sakura

Batsu No Sakura?

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Batsu No Sakura?
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The Meaning of Batsu No Sakura?

Batsu No Sakura is Japanese for "The Clan Of The Cherry Blossoms"

How is it relevent to the clan?

This is a Samurai Clan. The samurai class was born and rose to power in Japan's feudal era. Japan's national flower is Sakura or cherry blossom. There is a high emphasis on sakura in Japanese culture today. It is adored for its elegance and stunning pinkish flush. In fact, every spring, there is a celebration called "Hanami" to welcome the sakura's bloom. The samurai also admired the sakura, during the first Hanami in the 17th century. Gathering in their kimono's and other formal wears, Taking their mind off of war and bushido (The way of the warrior), if only for a split second, in a moment of peace and meditation. A time for celebration of nature, but also of life when the cherry blossoms bloom each year.

A picture of two samurai, Notice the sakura tree in the background?