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Batsu No Sakura


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Batsu No Sakura?
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Requirements to join

There is no real dress code in our clan but you should wear something suitable to the samurai way of life. For males this means Black Robe, Dragon Armor, Light or heavy battle plate, and anything else you find suitable. No tux, peasent, woodsman, swordsman, or anything like these. For Females, Ninja outfits, warrior plate, anything else suitable. No "pretty" dresses, I think you know what I mean by that. And absolutely no mystic dress. And no peasent obviously. Hopefully in future versions of Endless a kimono will be available.  The only acceptable face-wear is scarf, dragon mask, and Samurai Hat...obviously. Nothing else can be worn. Shoes are not a problem but please avoid bright colors.
Acceptable weapons are: Cloud, ancient, katana, spear, lance, saber, and dagger. I know some maybe saying, "What about Ninchakus?" Yes they are asian, No, they have nothing to do with Samurai. Shields are to be avoided, but if you MUST have one you may. Other Accesories dont matter, But the Samurai, is about honour, and helping others. Please avoid Dark Cristals. But again if you MUST, it is only a small matter.


To be accepted into our clan you must live by Honour, Bushido, and Heart.
By honour, I mean you must never act in foolishness and you must behave intelligibly, don't request help in battle unless it is offered, or if mandatory. Males, do not harrass women. The use of # 7 before you even know a girl is just pathetic. Women harrassing men is not usually a problem, but is also prohibited. If someone does something to dishonour you, or your associatives, you MUST seek vengeance.
Under Bushido, Which is Japanese for "The way of the warrior". You must never back down from a challenge. Under defeat, embrace it, consider it a chance to better yourself. Fight for what you believe in. Fight under any circumstances, meaning one hundred people against you is NOT a problem. Fight for good not evil. Fight to your full ability and never flee from battle.
To live with heart, you must frequently give charity. Treat others with respect no matter what their social status. (The use of the word Noob as an insult is not acceptable) If you find someone being outnumbered in battle, offer your assistance and protect them. If someone cries for help, you get to them as quickly as possible. Do not keep items you have no use for, give them to a new player or something along those lines.  Pay frequent visits to church and other sacred places. Do not ever scam or steal from others.